365 days / 24 hour customer care for the residents in our retirement home.

We are pleased to present you JOU Retirement Home “Zafir Sajto, Kumanovo, which provides institutional care for the elderly people and was founded in 1956, while the building in which it is functioning successfully now dates from 1978. Our desire is to improve and make more pleasant the third age of our residents, giving them days filled with warmth, friendship, entertainment and constant care, while making them feel satisfied and peaceful.

In the retirement home, great attention is paid to the cultural and entertainment life and recreation plan for the beneficiaries, which are foreseen in the annual cultural and entertainment life program, a program that is prepared by licensed social workers.Three spacious living rooms are equipt to provide excellent conditions for listening to the radio and watching TV programs, reading daily press, playing chess, dominoes and cards,as well as reading books from the home’s collection. Some are engaged in making domestic handicrafts in which way they fulfill their free time creatively.


According to the activities for the users and work program, group and individual activities are carried out on a daily basis with everyone from Monday to Friday. Twice a year, one-day excursions are organized for friendship and entertainment. Our goal is to explore the beautiful areas of our country, visit monasteries,thermal baths, natural parks, lakes and rivers, as well as historical landmarks.


We often organize performances and social gatherings with the folklore, music, art and literary groups and associations from the city.While celebrating holidays, New Years and birthdays together you can really feel the warmth and kindness of our facility.

The following services are provided at the Retirement Home:

  • Social protection and adaptation-help throughout the period of adapting to the assisted living residence, because separating from their homes and the memories they have are a very emotional step for every old person;
  • Providing a diet that is age-appropriate, as well as suitable for the health of the people in the retirement home, following all the HACCP standards for food quality. Every month while preparing the dishes for the menu one representative from the elderly people actively participates,in which way we follow the preferences of the clients. Besides the three main meals / breakfast, lunch and dinner, the users also receive a snack;
  • Health care and protection (check-ups by a family doctor, blood pressure control and blood sugar control, basic laboratory analyzes, hiring medical specialists when necessary);
  • Work-occupational therapy with educational, recreational, creative and other activities in order to strengthen their self-esteem and spirit and their mental ability;
  • Cultural life with activities from the rich and versatile program of activities which is well organized by a team of experts.The emphasis is on motivating them to participate in it and also not to be afraid to use their potential. Celebrating the 1st of October – International day of older persons, as well as the
    week for elderly care – last week in November reinforces the feeling that they are not forgotten by focusing on giving them every kind of support that they need and creating a warm living environment.

We have the following capacity:

The building of the retirement home is with a total area of 3.353 m2 and a yard area of 6.644 m2. The yard area of is spacious, covered with lawns, flowers and ornamental trees ..

The accommodation capacity of the retirement home is 175 beds and it has the following spaces:

  • Resident rooms (double and triple with private bathroom);
  • Offices;
  • Warehouses;
  • Kitchen;
  • Dining rooms (1 main and 3 additional dining rooms);
  • 3 halls for assisted living;
  • Library;
  • Healthcare Facility
  • Physical therapy room;
  • Laundry room.

The price is 11,800 mkd per month.